Stray Dog Finds a Place to Heal with Santa Barbara Humane

For a little dog named Lucy, the road to a loving home began in the middle of a busy street. When a community member spotted the three-year-old Terrier darting in and out of traffic, she grabbed her and brought her to Santa Barbara Humane’s Santa Maria campus for help.

It was clear that the small dog, whom staff quickly named Lucy, was in rough shape. She was filthy and her hair was severely matted. Veterinary staff found that she also had a large umbilical hernia. Thanks to donor support, Lucy quickly received the care she needed.

During Lucy’s spay surgery, the team shaved off the mats and removed the hernia, but they soon found that these were not the only issues causing Lucy pain. X-rays revealed that Lucy had a broken tail and broken pelvis. The injury to Lucy’s tail seemed to be older, but the pelvis injury was fresh. Lucy most likely had been hit by a car while she was out on the street.

Despite the amount of pain she went through, Lucy never lashed out at those helping her. Santa Barbara Humane Chief Operating Officer Dori Villalon fostered Lucy as she recovered. “Lucy was so stoic throughout her ordeal,” said Villalon. “She was clearly frightened upon arrival, but always seeking reassurance and grateful for attention.”

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