Santa Barbara Humane provides tips to keep pets safe during winter weather

With the low temperatures especially at night Santa Barbara County Animal Services want to keep your pets safe and warm. Santa Barbara Humane says with rain and strong winds home fences and gates can be blown down leaving cats and dogs able to run away and get lost.

Staff say to check and secure all pet gates, cages and fences. And get your pet micro chipped. That way animal services can track down your furry friend in case of an emergency. “Senior” pets and puppies could also use an animal-friendly sweater or blankets to stay warm, inside a kennel or garage.

Santa Barbara Humane says the best way to keep your pet safe during a storm is to keep them indoors.

“If you do have an outdoor pet. You definitely want to make sure that they’ve got some extra comfort if they can have access to a garage or a shed, if it is a community cat or a dog that’s not accustomed to being indoors, even some of our thicker haired breed dogs like huskies, they’re going to need some extra protection,” said Chief Operating Officer Santa Barbara Humane Dori Villalon.

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