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Champions for animals and the people who love them.

Founded in 1887, Santa Barbara Humane is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of the first animal welfare agencies in the country. With campuses in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Humane provides low-cost veterinary care, vaccines, and spay/neuter; affordable and humane dog training classes; pet adoption; and animal rehoming services. As a local community organization not funded by any national agency, Santa Barbara Humane relies on the generous support of our community to ensure cats and dogs receive the care they need.

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Santa Barbara Humane is an independent nonprofit that relies on direct donations from our community.

Low-Cost Veterinary Services

Affordable services are a critical part of Santa Barbara Humane’s continued commitment to animals and the people who love them.
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Our precautions for visiting during COVID-19

To protect the health of our staff, volunteers, and guests, we’ve implemented safety protocols for adoptions, veterinary appointments, and animal intakes. Please read our FAQs During COVID-19 to help you plan your visit.

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Let's Socialize!

Hi there! Happy Saturday!

I'm Odie, and I just wanted to say hello. I'm a four-year-old boy who is looking for a home to call my own. My buddies at Santa Barbara Humane say that I'm a really sweet and affectionate boy. They also tell me that I have a gorgeous coat that you really have to see in person to appreciate.

I'd love it if you took me home! All you need to do is email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment, and then we can hang out all the time!

#AdoptableCat #CatsOfInstagram #HandsomeKitty #SBHumane

Did you know a group of kittens is called a clowder? It's true, and 20 kittens are at the Santa Barbara Campus ready to find homes to call their own.

Want to make a member of the clowder a part of your family?

Ten potential adopters at a time will be able to meet the kittens TODAY at 9 am and 1 pm. Visits will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so head over to 5399 Overpass Road to secure your spot for the morning or afternoon meet-n-greet.

#AdoptableKittens #Kittens #AdorableKittens #SBHumane

It's Feel Good Friday!

Today we are celebrating all the animals that have found homes this week! Cats Pharaoh, Puddin, Rainbow, Tarzan, Salt, Thunder, Garfield, Jack, Cookie, Hail, Rain, and Storm and dogs Benji, Murphy, Galley, Rica, Astro, Zoe, Tey, Gremlin, Bear, and Kobe have all been adopted.

There are many more animals looking for a place to call home. Click the link in our bio to make a difference today!

#Adoptions #FeelGoodFriday #AnimalAdoptions #CatAdoption #DogAdoption #CatsOfInstagram #DogsOfInstagram #SBHumane

Today is National Rescue Dog Day, but Russet really wants to rescue YOU!

This handsome one-year-old Pit Bull mix would like to rescue you from the boredom of a life without a silly, sweet, playful dog to love. Russet is a friendly and affectionate boy who would love to find a home without cats.

Interested in making Russet a member of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#NationalRescueDogDay #AdoptableDog #PitBullsOfInstagram #SBHumane

Overexcited. Overprotective. Overstimulated.

If these words describe your Shepherd-type dog, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Santa Barbara Humane is here for you! A training class is available to teach you and your dog skills to manage breed-specific tendencies and cultivate a healthy, happy, lifelong partnership.

The Shepherd Training class will be offered at the Santa Maria training center on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.

A new class starts June 24. There are only a few spots remaining, so click the "training" link in the bio to learn more and sign up today!

#DogTraining #Shepherd #ShepherdsOfInstagram #SantaMaria #DogBehavior #SantaBarbaraHumane

Though sugary sweetness is always a delight, we recommend you add a little more Salt to your life too!

Salt is a charming five-month-old kitten who is looking for someone to love. Salt is a shy girl who will need some time and encouragement to warm up in a new environment. Once she does warm up, Salt is an affectionate and gentle kitty who loves to snuggle.

Are you interested in making Salt a part of your life? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableCat #CatsOfInstagram #SweetSalt #SBHumane

Kittens don't ask much from us. All they need is some yummy food, protection from disease, someone to snuggle with, and a safe place to call their own.

Sadly, many kittens don't have a home to call their own. In fact, each year 3.2 million kittens and cats enter animal shelters across the world.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that every kitty has a home is to spay or neuter your pet. Thanks to community support, Santa Barbara Humane offers affordable spay and neuter surgeries. Learn more and book online at

#Spay #Neuter #Kittens #SBHumane

Isn't Candy lovely as she frolics among the flowers?

This beautiful two-year-old German Shepherd would love to frolic in a garden with you! Candy is a sweet and happy-go-lucky girl. She is an active dog who would love to find someone who could match her energy level.

Does Candy sound like your kind of dog? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#GermanShepherd #ShelterDog #AdoptableDog #SBHumane

Hi, friend! Are you having a good day? I sure hope you are! My name is Mikey, and I would love to sit and chat with you for a while.

I'm a sweet and social two-year-old male Domestic Shorthair, and I think you are pretty special! I love to spend my time with people, especially if they are petting me! I'm a talkative boy who will happily hold long conversations with you.

Are you interested in making me part of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#CatsOfInstagram #BlackCatsAreGoodLuck #ChattyKitty #SBHumane

Do you wish your Husky or Husky mix walked with you instead of pulling you down the street like you’re in her sled?

Join a training class specifically designed to address these and other Husky-type behaviors. This class will help transfer her excessive mouth use to her toys instead of you, and teach her to keep all four paws on the floor. Cultivate a healthier, happier relationship for you both!

Santa Barbara Humane's Husky Training Class will be held at the Santa Maria Training Center on Saturdays at 5:30 p.m., beginning this Saturday, May 21.

Want to learn more or sign up? Click the "training" link in our bio!

#DogTraining #Husky #HuskiesOfInstagram #DogBehavior #SBHumane

Spotty wants to know if you would be willing to cuddle with him.

This adorable two-year-old boy is such a sweet kitty. Spotty is a loving boy who loves following his people around and spending time snuggling close with them.

Are you interested in making Spotty a member of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableCat #CatsOfInstagram #SweetKitty #SBHumane

Much like his namesake, Rubius Hagrid is a very big boy with a heart of gold.

This handsome five-year-old Rottweiler is pretty much a marshmallow of a dog. Rubius Hagrid is a very sweet and easy-going boy who loves spending time with his human friends. He seems to do well with children, and would probably be ok with other dogs as well.

Are you interested in making Rubius Hagrid a member of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#Rottweiler #MarshmallowDog #BIgDog #SBHumane

Cali likes to think of herself as a butterfly.

Right now, this lovely five-year-old Pit Bull is in her cocoon. Cali is a shy girl who is very nervous about the world around her. But once she finds a loving home with someone special, Cali knows that she will finally be able to spread her wings and soar.

Once Cali warms up, she is a very sweet girl who enjoys taking it easy and hanging out in the yard.

Are you interested in making Cali a member of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableDog #PitBull #DogsOfInstagram #SBHumane

Today is the day to sip and support! 🍷 Did you know the best wine pairing isn’t actually cheese or chocolate – It’s wags and purrs! @SBWineCollective is hosting a “Wine & Wag” event today (Sunday, May 15) for dogs and dog owners in the heart of the Funk Zone. A portion of sales from selected wines will be donated all day!

Look for SB Humane at 131 Anacapa St C from 1-4 pm to pick up information about safety net services that keep animals healthy and happy in loving homes.

#LocalSupport #CommunityPartner #FunkZoneEvent

If Onyx were a human, she would probably be a big fan of Nora Ephron. This eight-year-old female Domestic Shorthair kitty would have every line of Sleepless in Seattle memorized. "I Will Always Love You" would be her go-to karaoke pick.

That's because Onyx loves love. She loves snuggling. She loves spending quality time with that special someone. She loves gazing into the eyes of someone she adores as they gently pet her.

Do you love everything about love like Onyx does? If so, you might just be this sweet girl's soulmate! Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#BlackCatsOfInstagram #ShelterCat #AdoptableCat #SBHumane


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