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Compassionate End-of-Life Services

It’s hard saying goodbye to a pet, and coping with the impending loss is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will face. Santa Barbara Humane is here to assist you and your family through the final stages of your companion’s life with compassionate end-of-life services.

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Humane Euthanasia & Cremation

A gentle and pain-free procedure

A decision for euthanasia is never an easy one, but it is often the most compassionate choice for an elderly, terminally ill, or injured pet. Santa Barbara Humane makes every effort to help you through this most difficult time. When it’s time to say goodbye, we provide euthanasia and cremation services for pet owners at a reduced cost. Contact us below to schedule an appointment.

When is the right time to say goodbye to a pet?

These helpful resources from our friends at Lap of Love can provide insight.

What does it cost?

If you have a financial hardship, we have generous funds to help reduce euthanasia and group cremation costs. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover the costs of private cremations.

Humane Euthanasia

A gentle and pain-free procedure.


  • Up to 40 lbs $75
  • 41–90 lbs $100
  • Over 90 lbs $150


  • All Cats $75

Private/Individual Cremation

Ashes are returned to you in your choice of urn with a Certificate of Cremation.

  • Up to 50 lbs $165
  • 51–70 lbs $190
  • 71–90 lbs $225
  • 91–150 lbs $300
  • Over 150 lbs $400

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be group-cremated with other pets, and ashes are not returned.

  • Up to 50 lbs $60
  • 51–70 lbs $85
  • 71–90 lbs $120
  • 91–150 lbs $155

Paw Prints & Fur Clippings

Order an imprint of your pet’s paw or a fur clipping as a cherished remembrance.

  • Clay Paw Print $55
  • Clay Paw Print with Fur $55
  • Ink Nose & Paw Print Card $20
  • Fur Clipping Card $15

Schedule an Appointment


  • We can sometimes help with same-day requests, but there is no guarantee that we will be available. 
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow owners to be present during the euthanasia process due to the restrictions of our clinic space.

Santa Barbara Campus
5399 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
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Santa Maria Campus
1687 West Stowell Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93458
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Memorialize Your Companion

A gift in memory of a pet honors the unique bond between human and animal. These special gifts commemorate our pets long after they are gone. When a memorial gift is made, you are not only honoring the love you have for your pet, but you are also supporting animals in need at Santa Barbara Humane, ensuring all animals receive the love, care, and compassion they deserve.

Santa Barbara Humane offers several ways to memorialize your companion at the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria campuses.

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Memorial Garden Stone


With a donation of $150, you can memorialize your pet with a customized garden stone. This engraved stone may be added to your own garden, or placed among the beautiful grounds of the Santa Barbara Campus, providing you with a place to visit and remember your beloved pet.

santa barbara humane memorial tile

Tribute Photo Tile | Santa Maria Campus


Select your favorite photo of your pet and see it placed front and center in the lobby of the Santa Maria Campus. You can see it and remember your pet, and share their image and memory with every visitor to the Santa Maria Campus. With a donation of $250, you can memorialize your pet with this memorial photo tile.

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Columbarium Niche | Santa Barbara Campus


To permanently memorialize your pets all in one location, consider a niche in the Santa Barbara Campus columbarium. Once cremated, your pet is lovingly placed within a niche and a customized plaque displays their name. With a donation of $400 for smaller pets and $650 for larger pets, this personalized space in the columbarium will help cherish and secure your pet’s memory for years to come.

Order a Memorial Gift

Call 805-225-3125, email [email protected], or complete the form in this section to get started. We will get back to you shortly to review your order and discuss details.

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