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Long-Lasting Impact with One Powerful Fund

Your gift to the Blue Umbrella Fund is an investment in health and happiness for all animals. Providing accessible veterinary care through the TLC Fund, preventing overpopulation with Last Litter support, cultivating confidence with Rehab Rover dog training, and ensuring animals can thrive no matter what Stormy Weather the future holds—your gift will be put to work where it is needed most.

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Whether an animal is transferred from an overcrowded shelter or a community member’s pet needs care they can't afford, your donations make sure the answer is yes. The TLC Fund provides financial assistance for animals in need.

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Last Litter

Since 1972, this community has prioritized the affordable and free option to spay and neuter pets. Because of this, the live release rate of animals in Santa Barbara County has remained greater than 90 percent. Your support ensures there’s never a time when animals are euthanized due to overpopulation or lack of space.

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Rehab Rover

Force-free, reward-based training gives dogs confidence and strengthens their bond with humans. Your gift to this fund leads to happier homes and fewer pets given up by their owners.

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Stormy Weather

No matter what the future holds, there should always be a place for animals to go to receive shelter, care, and love. Your investment makes it possible to face stormy weather— whatever future pets may need.

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