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Name: Ace

Location: Santa Maria Campus

Looks like: Husky

Color: Black/White

Estimated Age: 6 years 10 months

Sex: Male

Weight: 55 pounds

ID: 7768

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FREE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!!! *ahem* Okay, now that I have your attention: I just want to say~~it's no fun being a "backyard dog". All we end up doing is peering inside the back window at all the people having fun inside and wondering why we can't join in! Nope, most of us would rather be "family room dogs"! We want to be there with you, whether you're watching football, or Hallmark Channel, or FRIENDS...awww~~such a lovely word, friends... So, I'm Ace, and I've been at the Santa Maria Campus for over a month (making me part of the Lonely Hearts Club), just waiting for my special friend! I'm a Siberian Husky, but I'm actually a rather well-settled down one. I know we have a rep for extreme activity, but I'm not really like that. Maybe it's because I have some maturity on me now at 6 years of age! NEVER-ENDING BREADSTICKS AT OLIVE GARDEN!!! Sorry~just making sure you were still there. I walk beautifully on leash, contrary to what my boy Husky-type may tell you! And I'm kind of a big teddy bear with my people! Small animals and most other dogs not so much, but people? Love them! And I forge deep friendships, in spite of my upbringing. What can I say--I love defying expectations! So, what cool benefits are included with me as a member of the Lonely Hearts Club? Well, I come with a new collar, leash, and harness, and you'll also get a free enrollment in The Husky Training Class, designed especially for Husky-types! (But not free pumpkin spice lattes.) Plus, I'm already neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and come with both a free veterinary exam at participating veterinarians and a bag of Purina dog food. (But not free breadsticks.) So email [email protected] to make a date to see me! And Husky's promise: When we're home together, I'll watch whatever you want to watch. I'll just be happy to be there, with my new best friend. Not outside this time, peering in and wondering; but with you, always part of your family.

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