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Name: Max

Location: Santa Maria Campus

Looks like: Husky, Siberian

Color: Black/White

Estimated Age: 1 year 9 months

Sex: Male

Weight: 48.2 pounds

ID: 7714

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I'm Max! I'm a 1-year-old Siberian Husky boy at the Santa Maria Campus, and am part of the Lonely Hearts Club (I've been at the shelter for over 6 weeks!). Me and my brother Bodi (look him up too!) are pretty much copycats, so we're going to say everything about ourselves in unison here! (Just imagine the two of us howling at the same time.) Speaking of cats, did you know people often say that Huskies can be very catlike? Maybe it's because of how we like to pounce, or maybe it's our little feet and the way we prance. Just to be clear though-we are definitely all dog! Us Huskies require a lot of exercise, for both mind and body. We've been receiving a lot of training during our stay at the shelter to help us learn to walk loosely next to people, and perform a lot of helpful behaviors. And as our next adopter (we hope that's you!), we'll ask you to continue our training further. Training time is where we all learn to communicate better with each other. Communication is everything in a relationship! So it's not about just telling us what to do and what not to do~~it's about communicating, as best friends. Training time is bonding time! PLUS, when you spend the time training, you provide us the mental enrichment we all need (just like people want to read things and learn things~~try not using your phone and laptop for a whole day straight!). And us active Siberian Huskies need a LOT of enrichment! Not to worry, Santa Barbara Humane has you covered! They'll give you a FREE set of training classes that are designed specifically for Huskies when you adopt us together. We're also a lot of fun, and we'll need a yard to romp around in and have fun with you together! (Oh, and P.S.--Please don't mention anything to any of the other dogs about that thing we said about being catlike~~playing in cardboard boxes is TOTALLY doglike...right? ) Our adoption fees have been waived, plus we'll go home with brand new leashes, collars, and harnesses! We're already neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and come with a certificate for a free veterinary exam. Plus you'll get a free bag of Purina dog food! So, let's get together and meet! The shelter is open by appointment seven days a week. Just email [email protected] to make an appointment today!

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  • Kittens (under six months) $125

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  • Dogs (six months to seven years) $125
  • Senior Dogs (over seven years) $125
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