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How to Adopt

Our adoption centers are open daily from 12:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m., closed Wednesdays.

Adoptions are on a drop-in, first-come, first-served basis.

When you arrive, please stop by the front desk to meet with a counselor. Visitors are accompanied by staff or volunteers to keep our animals comfortable and minimize their stress.

For general questions, email [email protected] or call 805-964-4777.

Looking for a lost or stray pet?

Adoption Fees

  • Kittens (under six months) $150

    Adopt a second kitten for $75

  • Cats (six months to seven years) $75

    Two-for-one bonded pairs

  • Senior Cats (over seven years) $25

    Two-for-one bonded pairs

  • Puppies (under six months) $225
  • Dogs (six months to seven years) $175
  • Senior Dogs (over seven years) $75
  • VIP Super Pets (animals in high demand) $300 and Up

Adoption fees help support our shelter operations, including veterinary care, dog training, and foster programs.

All U.S. service members receive the following discounted adoptions:

  • Active Duty Service Members: 20% off regular price adoption fees (excludes VIP)
  • Retired Service Members: Free regular-priced adoptions (excludes VIP)

Look for these badges!

lonely hearts club Lonely Hearts Club

Adoption fees are waived on all Lonely Hearts Club animals. Some dogs and cats can be camera shy, others need more time to heal from a medical need, then there are those who need to meet you to get a chance to warm up. To help these special pups and kitties stand out, the Lonely Hearts Club was created! This Lonely Hearts badge means an animal has been at the shelter longer than most and may need special attention from pet owners like you. 

Sponsored Adoption Sponsored Adoption

Your adoption fee is pre-paid by generous community members. Some animals are wagging and purring with delight to already have their adoption fees covered by generous community members who want to help them on their journey to a new home. Look for this badge to see if an adoption fee has been paid. If you want to make a difference by sponsoring an adoption fee, call 805-222-0139.

super pet vip VIP Super Pets

VIP Super Pets are excluded from adoption promotions and discounts. VIP animals are those that are in high demand and quickly find a loving home. You will notice that VIP Super Pets have higher adoption prices — this is because they leave a financial legacy for the other animals in our care who may need extensive medical care or more time to find a loving home. 

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