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Champions for animals and the people who love them.

Founded in 1887, Santa Barbara Humane is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of the first animal welfare agencies in the country. With campuses in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Humane provides low-cost veterinary care, vaccines, and spay/neuter; affordable and humane dog training classes; pet adoption; and animal rehoming services. As a local community organization not funded by any national agency, Santa Barbara Humane relies on the generous support of our community to ensure cats and dogs receive the care they need.

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Santa Barbara Humane is an independent nonprofit that relies on direct donations from our community.

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Affordable services are a critical part of Santa Barbara Humane’s continued commitment to animals and the people who love them.

Let's Socialize!

Everyone has some little thing that makes them absolutely melt. Maybe it's someone scratching that spot on your back you can't quite reach. Maybe it's someone telling you how cute you are.  Maybe it's someone making you cookies after you have had a bad day. 
For Chai, the thing that makes her melt is a nice ear massage. This spunky and loving one-year-old Shar Pei mix just loves to be loved. Chai is a playful girl who also loves going for walks (or runs or jogs or hikes), playing in a yard, and spending time with all her friends, both human and canine. 
Interested in making Chai melt by giving her a massage? Come meet her at our Santa Barbara campus! We are open for walk-in adoptions from 12-4:30 PM every day of the week except Wednesdays. 
#SharPei #ShelterDog #DogAdoption #IMeltWithYou #SantaBarbaraHumane
Social Media Friends, kittens, and puppies have wishes!
Sometimes, teeny, tiny baby kittens and puppies come into our care. These little ones require a lot of care, love, and even special tools! Our incredible fosters provide the care, and we provide them with the tools. But we need your help with purchasing the tools. 
You can help kitten and puppy wishes by donating the items we need to encourage puppies and kittens to thrive. 
Right now, we need pop-up playpens, short and tall X-pens, litter boxes meant for moms and babies (like this one:, warmers (like this one: and Snuggle Safe Heartbeat toys
Help these itty bitties grow to be strong and sassy! Donated items can be brought (or shipped) to either one of our campuses:
 Our North Campus address is 1687 W. Stowell Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93458. 
 Our South Campus address is 5399 Overpass Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111.
#Foster #Kitten #Puppy #Donate #SantaBarbaraHumane
Nova is super playful, super smart, and super sweet. We guess you could say she's a super Nova. 
This beautiful two-year-old is a Husky mix, but she is actually pretty petite. Nova is incredibly intelligent and eager to earn delicious treats, so you can teach her all kinds of cool tricks. She is the kind of dog who loves going for long walks and then spending some quality time curled up on the couch. 
Does Nova sound super to you? Come meet her at our Santa Maria campus! We are open for walk-in adoptions from 12-4:30 PM every day of the week except Wednesdays. 
#ShelterDog #AdoptionDog #Husky #SuperNova #SantaMaria #SantaBarbaraHumane
Life is a party with Katara by your side!
This gorgeous six-month-old Terrier mix is a friendly and playful girl with an exuberant energy that is sure to enchant you! Katara is a bouncy girl who loves playing with other dogs as long as they are properly introduced. 
Ready to party with Katara? Come visit her at our Santa Barbara campus! We are open for walk-in adoption from 12-4:30 PM every day of the week except Wednesdays. 
#ShelterDog #Terrier #DogAdoption #SantaBarbaraHumane
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