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Founded in 1887, Santa Barbara Humane is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and one of the first animal welfare agencies in the country. With campuses in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Humane provides low-cost veterinary care, vaccines, and spay/neuter; affordable and humane dog training classes; pet adoption; and animal rehoming services. As a local community organization not funded by any national agency, Santa Barbara Humane relies on the generous support of our community to ensure cats and dogs receive the care they need.

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Santa Barbara Humane is an independent nonprofit that relies on direct donations from our community.

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Affordable services are a critical part of Santa Barbara Humane’s continued commitment to animals and the people who love them.
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To protect the health of our staff, volunteers, and guests, we’ve implemented safety protocols for adoptions, veterinary appointments, and animal intakes. Please read our FAQs During COVID-19 to help you plan your visit.

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Let's Socialize!

Baxter needs your help.

This handsome one-year-old Husky loves snuffle mats. They help keep this active and goofy boy mentally stimulated while in the shelter, and he is always so excited to find all the hidden treats.

But Santa Barbara Humane is running low on snuffle mats. So Baxter wants to know if you would be willing to donate some. Snuffle mats can be purchased on websites like Chewy or Amazon, but they are also really easy to make! There are some great tutorials online, like this one:

So what do you think? Can you help Baxter and all his canine comrades by donating a few snuffle mats? They can be dropped off at either of our shelter locations!

If you have any questions about donating, please email [email protected] If you are interested in adopting Baxter, please email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

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Abby may not have an advice column, but she does have some words of wisdom to share with you; Be bold, be brave, be kind, and most importantly; be yourself.

This cute five-year-old kitty certainly knows what she is talking about! Abby is a friendly and outgoing girl who has a personality as magnificent and unique as her gorgeous coat. She is sweet and affectionate and gets along well with other cats.

Abby has one more piece of advice for you: adopt a cat. You won't regret it.

Are you interested in making Abby a member of your family? Come to our cat and kitten walk-in adoption hours, Friday-Sunday, from 12-4 PM. Can't make it during those times? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

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Simon is such a sweet boy.

This handsome two-year-old kitty is gentle, polite, and loving. Simon is patient with children and fine with dogs and other cats. He is a clever kitty who knows several tricks, including sit, stand, and shake. Simon loves spending time with people and would love to find someone who would be willing to let him sleep in their bed.

Are you intersected in making Simon a member of your family? Come to our cat and kitten walk-in adoption hours, Friday through Sunday, from 12-4 PM. Can't make it during those hours? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

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It's Feel Good Friday!

Today we are celebrating all the animals that have found homes in the past two weeks! Cats Lavendar, Holly, Turkey, Jax, Roo, Spotty, Pumpkin Spice, Maroon, Gracie, Cosmo, Lyra, Patches, Bell, Milo, Maverick, Molly, Tucker, Rose, Fern, Ash, Squash, Dean, Sylvester, Cassie, Saturn, Karma, Lily, Dixie, Walter, Rain, Luna, Rosie, Nathan, Olivia, Sharpie, Tom, Oreo, Venus, Treasure, Stars, Professor Lockhart, Panther, Mistletoe, Dutchess, Jill, Manny, and Nova; and dogs Socks, Mocha, Gomez, Ghost, Guapo, Jace, Cooper, Nachi, Cora, Jade, Chiquita, Bear, Vina, Panda, Moxie, Joy, Sally, Chico, and Wishbone have all been adopted.

There are many more animals looking for a place to call home. Click the link in our bio to make a difference today!

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Time seems to work differently when you are a grown-up. It feels like March 2020 was just moments ago, but here we are, rapidly barreling into 2023. So, 97 days? As a (human) adult, that barely seems like any time at all.

But for Winnie, 97 days must feel like forever.

Because 97 days is exactly how long this lovely eight-month-old Husky/Pit Bull mix has waited to find a home to call her own. In those 97 days, 438 other animals have been adopted from Santa Barbara Humane. But not Winnie, and we don't know why. Winnie is sweet, fun, and playful. She likes to spend time with people, loves chasing toys in the yard, and would make an excellent companion for an active family.

Do you have room in your home and heart for Winnie? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today.

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The most wonderful thing about kittens, is kittens are a wonderful thing!

Just ask Tigger. This three-month-old boy is a cuddly fellow who is awfully sweet. And the most wonderful thing? Tigger isn't the only kitten available for adoption! In fact, there are plenty of bouncey, trouncey, ouncey, pouncey kittens ready to be adopted today!

Want to meet Tigger or any of the other kittens currently available for adoption? Come to our cat and kitten walk-in adoption hours, Friday-Sunday, from 12-4 PM. Can't make it during those times? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today.

This #ThankYouThursday, the wags and purrs of gratitude go out to our friends at @LamaDogTapRoom!

You may have heard that throughout September and October, they generously donated 10% of proceeds from their charity tap to Santa Barbara Humane. But did you know that in total they raised $1,500 to help animals in need?! This outstanding show of support was the result of their dedicated team, their refreshing beer, and their awesome customers.

Partners like @LamaDogTapRoom make it possible for us to provide low-cost veterinary care, affordable dog training, adoption, and other critical safety-net programs to thousands of animals and families each year. Cheers to community impact!

#LocalPartner #ThankYouThursday #LamaDogTapRoom

This very polite little gentleman is wondering if you might possibly be interested in adopting him.

This handsome boy is named Mr. Gray. When this friendly nine-month-old kitty isn't perfecting his plaintive looks, Mr. Gray enjoys socializing with people and charming everyone he meets. He would be totally fine living with another cat, but he would also be cool with being the only cat in a home.

Has Mr. Gray won your heart? Come to our cat and kitten walk-in adoption hours, Friday-Sunday, from 12-4 PM. Can't make it during those times? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableCat #CuteCat #PoliteKitty #GentelmanCat #SantaBarbaraHumane #SBHumane

We're very sorry to say that Beethoven probably won't be composing a symphony for you. But he might just sit for you. And he definitely will give you some sloppy kisses.

Oh, did we mention that Beethoven is an adorable six-month-old Australian Cattle Dog/Pug mix? Yeah, that's probably pertinent information. This sweet boy is a little timid and will need some time to warm up. But once he is comfortable around you, you will see that Beethoven is a happy and playful dog who would love to be by your side.

Are you interested in making Beethoven a member of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableDog #DogsOfInstagram #CattleDog #Pug #AdorableDog #SantaBarbaraHumane #SBHumane

This Holiday season, you need someone to snuggle with. You need Nova.

This darling five-month-old boy is as sweet as can be and is available for adoption now.

If you are interested in adopting Nova, come to our cat and kitten walk-in adoption hours, Friday-Sunday, from 12-4 PM. Can't make it during those hours? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableKitten #KittensOfInstagram #CuteKitten #HolidayCuddles #SantaBarbaraHumane #SBHumane

My name is Fawn, and I'm searching for someone to play with.

As a one-year-old Pit Bull mix, I have lots of energy and lots of love to give. I'm happiest when I'm moving, so I would love to go for a long walk with you.

Are you interested in making me part of your family? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableDog #DogsOfInstagram #PitBull #PlayfulPup #ShelterDog #SantaBarbaraHumane #SBHumane

Hello hello! My name is Mona. By now, you probably know that today is #GivingTuesday. Adoptable cat Mikey inspired me to tell you why I think you should donate to Santa Barbara Humane on this special day.

I am a senior sweetheart with tons of love to give, but I just haven't found my person yet. I can take all the time I need to find my perfect fit, all thanks to donors like you.

To set me up to thrive in my golden years with a new family, my shelter friends are helping me figure out my likes and dislikes. For example, I love going on walks and playing with toys, but sometimes I am a bit picky about my playmates. I also adore cuddles and attention, but because I have arthritis, I have some sensitive areas I don't like to be touched. I know the right home for me is out there, and with your support, we are going to find it.

Will you give today to ensure animals like me get the time, space, care, and compassion we need to blossom? Visit to get started! I'm also crossing my paws that you'll email [email protected] if I sound like the one for you...

#TalkingAnimals #GivingTuesday #SBHumane #SeniorSweetheart

Hi everyone! My name is Mikey! Did you know today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of philanthropy? Rather than letting the shelter humans tell you about the incredible impact your contribution makes for dogs and cats in need, this year, I decided it's time the animals do the talking.

Your gift helps me get all the care I need as I wait for a home to call my own. I've been spending time with a loving foster who is helping me with my stomach issues. And because of donors like you, Santa Barbara Humane is able to cover all my medical expenses at our clinic, including my special food, to keep me healthy.

So I have two requests, if I may: First, will you visit to make a donation to help animals like me? And secondly, will you add me to your family by emailing [email protected]?

#GivingTuesday #TalkingAnimals #AdoptableCat

Dwayne's smile could light up the darkest of rooms.

This handsome six-year-old Doberman Pinscher/Shepherd mix is an energetic boy with a lot of love to give. Dwayne enjoys pretty much anything that gets him moving, so he would be thrilled to go to an active home with people as interested in exercise as he is!

Does Dwayne sound like your kind of dog? Email [email protected] to make an adoption appointment today!

#AdoptableDog #DogsOfInstagram #DobermanPinscher #ShetlerDog #SantaBarbaraHumane #SBHumane